Relationships are everything at First Workings. We partner closely with companies, schools, and sponsors to provide an incredibly supportive and enriching experience for our young people.

Internship Partners

Join First Workings in its mission to provide incredible internships experiences to young people. Commit to hosting an intern (or two!) for two weeks this summer.

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Partner in other ways…

Corporate Sponsor Program

Be a part of First Workings inaugural Sponsorship program by funding our work and program development. See our membership levels listed below:

  • Supporter Level — Donate $1,500 to earn First Workings’ Supporter title.
  • Mentor Level — Donate $5,000 to earn First Workings’ Mentor title.
  • Champion Level — Donate $10,000 to earn First Workings’ Champion title.


Volunteer with First Workings

Be a part of the First Workings experience by volunteering your time and expertise during our training and networking events. We’re proud to partner with the folks at SThree and PJT Partners who have helped First Workings innovate and expand our professional training!

For more information about becoming a First Workings Internship Partner, or about partnering with First Workings in other ways, please contact Chloe Mullarkey at [email protected] or 646.619.1207.