Our Work

Our Work

First Workings was founded in 2014 by a retired Wall Street Executive and a former College Advisor. We designed First Workings to address the gap in access to opportunities faced by underserved and underrepresented youth by connecting highly-motivated students to exceptional businesses.

The Need

Research shows that a paid internship drastically increases a college graduate’s chances of receiving a job offer upon graduation. For young people of color, low-income, or first generation college students, those connections to paid internships are harder to secure without social capital. Social Capital is the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society that are leveraged to create positive outcomes in the world.

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Our Work

We build our students’ social capital through our training, placement in internship experiences, comprehensive support, and efforts to foster professional relationships. This experience provides underserved and underrepresented students with tools and resources they wouldn’t ordinarily have access to. Providing paid internships, along with First Workings’ support (MetroCard and lunch stipend), erases the financial barrier that prevents underserved students from pursuing such opportunities. Additionally, tailored professional development training and a support line for students, companies, and families helps ensure that our interns enjoy a successful experience. First Workings aims to broaden students’ horizons by giving them the opportunity to experience a professional environment and to build connections that could help them in the future.

These experiences have led to the discovery of a career or industry, letters of recommendation on college applications, future internships or employment, and long-term professional mentors for our students. Similarly, companies have benefitted enormously from having new and unique perspectives, and a boosted sense of energy. We hope you’ll join us in supporting our mission!

Our Values


Integrity and Implementation
We feel integrity, fairness, and respect are paramount to creating a positive experience for everyone. This pushes us to seek feedback whenever possible, and to act on that feedback in a productive and effective way. Each internship experience is important to us, and we want both employers and students to feel supported and part of the process.

What makes First Workings different from other organizations is our focus on building strong and supportive partnerships. This includes Internship Partners, School Partners, and of course, our Interns and Alumni. Our focus on partnerships helps us better serve and support our young people, while also ensuring a positive and rewarding experience for all. We’re grateful for all of those who make First Workings successful.

Esprit de Corps
We truly love and enjoy the work that we do. Our partners and students exemplify First Workings spirit by getting involved, taking initiative, and making the most of each experience. We’re proud of our incredible interns, alumni, Internship Partners, and School Partners, without whom, this work would not be possible. We’re excited about our growing team.