Internship Experience

First Workings is an internship program to help you experience a professional work environment in an industry/career of your interest. Students are eligible to apply during the Fall of their Junior year, and internships take place in the summer between the Junior and Senior year of high school. Our program includes:

  • Paid two-week internship placement at a matched company
  • MetroCard and commute plan
  • Lunch stipend
  • Phone/text/email support hotline
  • Professional development training

What Will You Gain?

Your first professional experience
Experience a professional work environment
Learn about a career or industry of your interest or discover something new

Skills to help you succeed
The chance to develop and utilize fundamental skills through:

Internships placements

The beginning of your professional network
The opportunity to create meaningful relationships with the people you work with
Potential resources such as:

College and career advice
Letter of recommendation
Interact with peers from our Partner Schools and First Workings alumni

An advantage
An experience that helps you stand out in college applications
A boost to your resume
New skills that can be applied academically and professionally


Upon being accepted, interns commit to participating in training sessions with professionals and employment experts, where they’ll learn and practice skills in:

  • Communication and networking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Resume building
  • Commercial acumen
  • Workplace and online etiquette
  • Training tailored to your industry (e.g. Excel, G Suite, etc.)